Reading at St Stephen's

Reading is high profile at St Stephen's Catholic Primary School.  To provide children with a breadth and broad range of genres, fonts, styles and interests, we use a wide range of publishers to engage and motivate all our children across the school.  Books are then banded into different levels of progression.  School uses the following reading books from a range of publishers which include:-
  1. Pearson Bug Club
  2. Ginn Pocket Facts
  3. Oxford Reading Treee
  4. Cambridge University Press
  5. Heinemann - Rapid Readers
  6. Rigby Star Rockets
  7. PM - Gems 
  8. Raintree - Engage Literacy
  9. Dandelion First Readers
  10. Longman reading materials
Additionally, school has a small library area which is well stocked.  Each class has their own class library.  All keystage 2 classes have their own class novels which support and enhance the curriculum.
The school library is open each lunchtime with pupil school librarians managing the provision.   The school delivers the ECAR programme to identified children.  
In Keystage 1 children are heard read independently twice per week and twice per week in a guided group read as minimum.  Identified children will be heard read daily.  In Keystage 2, pupils are heard read each week on a one to one basis and twice per week in a guided reading group.  Comprehension activities are planned each week. 
Reading results are St Stephen's continue to be strong.  
At the end of Reception, 80% of children were at the expected level in reading and of these 19% were exceeding this. 
At the end of Year 2 74.2% were at the expected level with 19.4% working at greater depth.
At the end of Year 6 77% met the expected standard on the SATS reading test with 20% achieving greater depth. 
These are pleasing results and better than national averages. 
Mrs Sheron is a reading leader and can be contacted for any advice or support.  Mrs Sheron is our Early Years and Keystage 1 manager.