The school has a formal Homework Policy document, which is in line with Government requirements.  A summary of our policy is detailed below:


Homework should provide opportunities for children to share their learning with their families and to help consolidate work learnt within the classroom.


The purpose of homework is:


To consolidate and reinforce the skills taught in school, particularly in literacy and numeracy

To encourage children to become self disciplined with their own work

To allow children to practise the skills introduced in the classroom.

To develop an effective partnership with parents


Homework tasks may include:




  Language activities including written work, poems, stories, comprehensions

  Mathematical activities including number work and multiplication tables

  Practical work such as drawing, research, library work, etc.

  Half termly learning challenge projects


All homework tasks will be independent from those within the classroom but will build upon the skills and knowledge already taught in school.


Teachers will be responsible for:


  Providing homework on a given day/days

  Marking or providing feedback on all work submitted on time

  Liaising with parents when necessary.


Parents will be responsible for:


Ensuring that homework tasks are completed within the given time

Signing and dating completed homework.


Government recommended times to be spent on homework:


Reception                                  30 minutes per week

Year 1                                       1 hour per week

Years 2 & 3                               1 hour and 30 minutes per week

Years 4 & 5                               1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours per week

Year 6                                       2 to 3 hours per week