First Aid & Medicines



For obvious reasons, we do not allow children to carry medication around with them.  Furthermore, for legal reasons, we are not allowed to administer medication to children without parents or carers signing an indemnity form.

However, if your child has an inhaler for asthma and is a KS1 pupil, we ask that you deposit the inhaler with either Mrs Bellis at the school office, clearly marked with your child’s name and the dosage.  If your child is KS2, you should give his/her inhaler, again clearly marked with name and dosage, to the class teacher who will ensure that your child will have access to it whenever needed. 

It is worthwhile asking your G.P. to prescribe an extra inhaler which can be left in school, as this will prevent problems with children forgetting to bring their inhalers to, or from, school.


Illness in School

Minor bumps, bruises and grazes can be dealt with in school without troubling parents.  Parents will be informed of any head bumps by either telephone or a letter sent home with head bump guidance.  However, should your child be taken ill or have a more serious accident, we will need to contact you.  To do this, we need an up-to-date contact form detailing two telephone numbers of people to be contacted in an emergency.  It is important that we are kept informed of any changes to this information.  We would ask you also to inform us of any illness, disability or circumstances which may have an effect on your child’s progress in school. 


First Aid in School

The school currently has several members of staff who are fully trained in all aspects of first aid in the workplace.  Other members of staff have received paediatric first aid training. Up to date accident books are kept, together with fully stocked First Aid Kits in the Medical room, and in the main entrance.  The defibrillator is stored along the walkway. Staff have been trained to use the school’s defibrillator.


Fully qualified First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid staff are:

Mrs Bishop and Mrs Warburton

Fully qualified First Aid at Work staff is:

Mrs Jones

Fully qualified Emergency First Aid at Work First Aid staff are:

Mrs Backlund, Mrs Butterworth, Mrs McLoughlin,                     

Mrs Harper, Mrs Ridpath