If your child is absent from school, we require either a telephone call to school by 9am on the first day of illness.  We then expect a  daily call to keep us informed until your child returns to school.

Parents/carers of children who are not present and for whom we have not been notified of any absence, will receive a ‘First Day Response’ call from school. Any unexplained continued absence will result in a home visit or referral to the school’s local authority attendance officer.  All absences need an explanation.

This is needed to fulfil our legal requirements regarding pupil absence. 

If we do not receive an explanation for an absence then, under Government Legislation, your child’s absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’. 


Any absence which falls below 96% will be rigorously followed up by the headteacher, senior leadership team and by the school’s attendance officer.


Holidays should not be taken during term time.  The school will not authorise any holidays during term time.  Other absences may be authorised by the Head teacher in exceptional, unavoidable or compassionate circumstances.